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I started this post to give me a chance to spread some information about our family history to anyone interested – hopefully some of the younger members of our family.  I am constantly researching our ancestors and while I concentrate on those from whom we directly descended, I’m also filling in our direct ancestors’ siblings and their descendents. Hopefully, eventually I’ll have a pretty complete family tree.  I will be including stories, pictures and pdf files with part of the family tree shown.  I can’t show the entire tree because my software won’t create a pdf of the whole tree but I’ll include parts of the tree as I discuss them or as I discover something new in that area.  I would encourage any one who has information to contact me and send me the information.  The more fully we can fill in the tree, the better.

This is my great grandfather Merritt Walton.

He was born in Deputy, IN, died in Kendall, TX and is buried in Ong, NE.


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  1. Rick Lutz says:

    Larry, I am also doing research on my family which is from Jamshog at about the same time your family lived there. I visited Jamshog 2 years ago and I am going back again this summer as my first trip answered many questions but it sure created a million more questions I want answers to. My family was the Jonsson family and they lived in Alltidhult which is a small village on the outskirts of Jamshog. Many of the family members drwned on December 25,1848 while crossing a lake to attend Christmas church services, However, many family members continued to live there for many years. My family originally emigrated to Illinois and then went back to Sweden before coming back to the United States and settling in Colorado. I look forward to following your posts. If you ever visit Jamshog, the church and the church grave yard are full of history. Rick

    • larrytom2 says:

      Rick: thanks for you comment. Boy, I wish I could travel to Jamshog and that area but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Sounds like you already know quite a bit about your family over there. Have you done research in the church records?

  2. Shelby says:


    I have begun to dig around my grandmother’s family history because I want to know where our ancestors came from. I followed her grandfather’s paternal line, which is the Walton family. I followed the paternal line back to a Nathaniel Walton, the son of Rev. William Walton and his wife Elizabeth Walton (nee Cooke). Nathaniel died in 1707. Nathaniel married a woman by the name of Mary Margaret Smith, and he was a blacksmith. However, there are many generations that share the same name, Nathaniel’s son Lawrence had a son whom he named after his father.
    The elder Nathaniel Walton was born march 3, 1636 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA. I have found the same dates of birth and death plus the names of his parents (William Walton and Elizabeth Cooke.)
    Eventually Nathaniel’s decedents reached Adams County, Iowa in the 1800s. This is where my grandmother’s family is from and there are still Waltons living there today.
    If you have any furth information I’d appreciate it if you could share it with me!
    -Shelby R.

    • Shelby says:

      Whoops, I forgot to mention that I also found a PDF file that contains a 4 generation family tree in which Nathaniel is listed as having married and had children.
      His death date might be off as well but every source listed 1707 as his death date.

      • Shelby says:

        Sorry for the spam but I’m constantly finding new things and deciphering my notes that I’ve taken on this. Nathaniel’s death was recorded in England and his son Lawrence has been noted as having “arrived in Griswold, CT in 1690” so it is possible that Nathaniel married in England so there would be no record of the birth of his children or marriage to Mary Margaret within the colonies.

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