The Reverend William Walton

There is actually quite a lot of info about Rev William Walton on and he’s mentioned in a variety of books and articles on the history of Massachusetts.

William was born in 1605 in Seaton, Devon, England. He attended Emanuel College, Cambridge, England where he took his bachelor’s degree in 1621 and his Master’s degree in 1625.  He married Elizabeth on April 10, 1627 in Dorcester, Dorset, England. He served as vicar of Seaton from about 1626 and was named curate of Seaton and Beere on Mar 31, 1628. At that time, Cambridge and the Colleges associated were the center of the Puritan religious movement. Many Puritans were leaving England to gain what they considered religious freedom in the new colonies. William probably left for the same reasons along with many of his friends.

He was our first ancestor who came over from England.  He came with his wife Elizabeth and 3 children. The children were John, Elizabeth and Martha. A fourth child, Jane, apparently died in England just before they emmigrated.  The young Walton family did not come over on the Mayflower or a sister ship but probably arrived late in 1635.  So far I have not been able to discover the name of the ship or the exact port of entry.  At that time, frequently ships from Europe would stop in the Carribean islands before making landfall in New York or MA.

Once he and his family arrived they made their home in Hingham, MA. He was among the 29 men who drew house lots and receive grants of land for pasture on 18 Sep 1635. In the Hingham area there is to this day a landmark called Walton Cove which probably marked near to the location of his land and house.  This is located in the southeast corner of Hingham Bay. Two of his children, Nathaniel and William, were born in Hingham. William had come to the new world trained as and planning to be a minister leading his flock. However, prior to his arrival another minister, his friend Rev. Peter Hobart, was already present as the minister in Hingham.

In about 1638 he and his family moved to what would become known as Marblehead, MA (but was then part of Salem, MA).  He established his home and a church in Marblehead and his remaining children (Samuel, Josiah & Mary) were born in Marblehead. William died in Marblehead in November of 1668.  My family directly descends from Samuel and I have quite a bit of info about him and his descendents.  But I am also looking for more info about Samuel’s six remaining siblings.  The oldest, John, moved to Virginia fairly early on and I am interested to see if a connection to George Walton, signer of the Declaration of Independence, exists.  Several other Waltons emmigrated from England to the southern colonies in the 1600’s and early 1700’s so the connection is unlikely – but who knows?

Descendants of William WALTON 4 Gen


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2 Responses to The Reverend William Walton

  1. Mark Walton says:

    Lawrence Walton was my 6th great-grandfather. In your tree, I note that his father was Nathaniel Walton, son of Rev. William Walton. I am unable to confirm a relationship between Nathaniel and Lawrence. Would you provide me with your source(s)?

  2. Sheldon says:

    I used to have a picture of the Family Crest (or, His crest). I was wondering if it can be found.

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