The Children of Reverend William Walton and Elizabeth Cooke

Records indicate that the Rev William and Elizabeth had nine children but only seven lived to adulthood. Jane was born 18 Feb 1634 in Seaton, Devon, England and apparently died in 1635, possibly in Seaton.  However, since the family immigrated to America in 1635, it’s possible that she died on the trip over.  William was born in 1637 in Hingham, Essex, MA, USA and died 3 Sep 1640, probably in Marblehead since the family lived there in that year.

We know a varying amount about the other seven.  John, the oldest, was born 6 Apr 1628 in Seaton, England and married a woman named Mary (maiden name unknown).  Some information says John returned to England where he died and other information indicates he moved to Virginia and had a son named Edward in 1645. But it seems he would have been a little young (17) but one never knows for sure. John apparently died about 1669 and was either dead or not around when the Reverend William Walton’s  estate was probated on June 29, 1669.

“Whereas by an order of the County court held at Salem June 29, 1669, the estate of our father mr. William Walton, deceased instate, was left in the hands of our mother and the remainder at her decease to be divided among the six children left, viz. Nath., Samiel and Josiah Walton, Elizabeth Mansfeild, Martha Munjoy and Mary Bartlett, the eldest to have a couble portion and our mother having died the last year and by means of the death of our brother Josiah Walton, his part by will and what he had of his own was bequeathed to be divided amongst us, we have made the following agreement and settlement; the accounts shall stand and the debts shall be paid out of the estate; the bill of sale made by our mother for one half of the lot sold to our brother nathaniel Walton and Martha munjoy for £ 40 of debt was confirmed; Robert Bartlett shall for £ 20 of debt paid by him have that quarter part of the lot whereon his house stands; the books shall be shared equally, the eldest son to have his double share; Sam. Walton shall have one cow lease at £ 5 to be allowed out of his £ 25 and one cow; the whole remainder of the estate to Nathaniel Walton and Martha Munjoy they to pay to us £ 25 each, which we accept as our portion.
Signed and sealed march 29, 1683 by Andrew Mansfeild, Nathaniel Walton, Marth, Munjoy, Robart Bartlett. Witness: Samuel Cheever, William Bartlett. Essex County Quarterly Court Files, 45:12”

The next child was Elizabeth, who initially married Lot Conant but on June 10, 1682 had remarried Andrew Mansfield. Elizabeth was born in England 27 October 1629 and no firm death date has been found.  However she was alive at the settlement of her father’s estate on March 29, 1683.  Martha was next born (Apr 26, 1632) and she died Apr 20, 1692.  She married Benjamin Mountjoy and was widowed prior to 1673. She apparently lived with her younger brother Nathaniel and shared land and debts in common. Nathaniel was born Mar 3. 1636 in Hingham, MA and lived in Marblehead, MA until his death sometime prior to his will being executed on Aug 29, 1723 by his nephew Nathaniel Bartlett.  No heirs were mentioned and apparently he never married.

My direct ancestor, Samuel, was born Jun 5, 1639 in Marblehead, MA and lived there until moving to Reading, MA in about 1700.  I believe all his children were born in Marblehead and he owned several plots of land in Marblehead, including part of the land his father had owned. His brother Josiah was born in Marblehead on Jan 20, 1641 and died at sea due to a lightning strike on Jun 23, 1673. He was married to Elizabeth (last name unknown) and apparently had no children since his will left his entire estate to his wife and siblings.  The last child was Mary, born Mar 14, 1644 in Marblehead.  She married Bartlett, who was born in England, and they lived in Marblehead.


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