Waltons in New England and Elsewhere in the 1600s

There were lots of other Waltons in New England and the other Colonies in the 1600s.  It’s difficult to determine exactly where in England (or elsewhere) they originated and whether they were related.  The name Walton seems to be fairly common and references to Waltons appear in many publications and official records.  Here are a few of the Waltons known to be in America in the 1600s.


Rev William Walton -1636 He and wife Elizabeth & 3 children arrive Hingham MA

William – 1627 Arrival in America not Rev William

William – 1634 Arrival in Barbados or St Christopher probably not Rev William

in Passenger and Immigration Lists Index 1500s – 1900s Record

John – 1640 Portsmouth

Henry – 1639 Boston

Thomas – 1636 Weymouth

“A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England” by John Farmer, Carter, Andrews & Co., Lancaster, MA, 1829

New Hampshire

George, son Shadrach and grandson Benjamin Exeter, NH 1639 also 1685 in Great Island, NH

“A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England” by John Farmer, Carter, Andrews & Co., Lancaster, MA, 1829


Lawrence – born about 1671 Thought for some time to be related to Rev William through Nathaniel but apparently Nathaniel had no children.

Norwich, CT Vital Records, Vol. 1, p. 1 ; Preston, CT Vital Records Vol. 1, p. 25

New York

Capt. William Walton – came to America about 1698, settled where NYC is now located. He and Sons associated with Holland Land Co. in Batavia, NY in 1802 Granted 29000 a in 1770.

“Walton Genealogy” by Maria Walton Himebaugh, 1914


Nathaniel, Thomas, Daniel and William – in about 1675 these four brothers arrived in what is now New Castle, DE. Went up the Delaware R past what is now Philadelphia and settled in an area they called Byberry.

“A History of the Townships of Byberry and Moreland in Philadelphia, PA” by Joseph C. Martindale, M.D. T. Ellwood Zell, Philadelphia, 1867


John Walton – at least eight different John Waltons came to the Virginia Colony starting as early as 1621 until 1666. In addition, other Waltons came to Virginia in the 1600s – namely George Robert, Richard and Margaret (no idea if this is married or maiden name)

“Waltons of Old Virginia and Sketches of Families in Central Virginia” by Wilmer L. Kerns, PhD, Heritage Books (Willow Bend Books), Westminster, MD, 2005

There are also mentions of Andrew, Elijah and Moses Walton in old Hampshire County, MA in 1777 (“Walton Genealogy” by Maria Walton Himebaugh, 1914).  All three of these men fought in the Revolutionary War but no mention of their lineage is made.  They could have come from one of the lines mentioned above or theirs could have been yet another (or several) line of Waltons.

All of these individuals could represent separate lineages going back very far in history, or many of them could be related in the distant past.  We may never know for sure since the old records keep deteriorating with the passage of time.  One good thing is that more and more old records are being transcribed and digitized so they will be available to more of us. That process, of course, raises other problems such as faulty transcriptions but we’ll just have to accept that and move on.


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