A Fantastic Weekend

This weekend has really been fantastic!! For the last 11 years a group of us have made it to Yuma, AZ to celebrate my mother’s birthday. For a couple of years while my stepfather was alive we had dual celebrants, but since 2002 it’s only been my mother. Last year was special since it was her 100th birthday and we had two celebrations – one in Lincoln, NE and one in Yuma, AZ! We had lots more people attend the two celebrations than usual. The end of October isn’t the best time for people (especially with children in school) to travel. Sometimes we take trips and do special things like visit the Grand Canyon and take an evening, dinner cruise on Martinez Lake. Regardless of what we do or how we celebrate, we always have a lot of fun, talk over old times and relive special stories from the past. My mother has seen the development of automotive transportation, the birth of flight, two world wars, one major depression (if you don’t count this one as #2!), the development of radio and the movies, the birth of television, the birth of the atomic age, the development of space exploration, the development of telephone communication up through cell phones and the birth and development of the computer age! WOW, what a life she has led!!! All five of her children are still alive – ages 79, 77, 73, 70 and 67. Her mother lived to age 103 and her grandmother to 95, so she’s no stranger to a long life. Hopefully we’ll celebrate her birthday for many years to come!!


My Mother Winifred Pauline Uden
born 1911


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