52 Ancestors 52 Weeks: 3rd Week Nell Robinson Sanburg

Nell 01

For my 3rd week I’m going to come closer to home – my grandmother on my father’s side, Nell (Robinson) Sanburg (1883 – 1965). I didn’t know her nearly as well as my maternal grandmother Pearl (Walton) Goesch but I do have some pictures and information. Her parents immigrated from England sometime before 1873 according to the Nebraska State Census of 1885. That census shows George and Annie Robinson (both born in England) live in Brush Creek Precinct, Saline County, Nebraska with 5 children all born in Nebraska. The children were David b. 1873, William b. 1876, Fannie b. 1880, Nellie b. 1883 and Annie b. 1885. Then a mystery occurs for which I don’t yet have an answer. Obviously no information on the 1890 US Census is available and the next information on Nell comes from the 1900 US Census.

1900 US Census  Nellie Robinson

In 1900 David Robinson lived in Sheridan Precinct, Clay County, Nebraska with his 3 sisters Fannie, 19; Nellie, 17; and Annie, 15. There is no indication of brother William or of the parents George and Annie! As a matter of fact no other evidence of the parents is present as far as I can tell. That’s one of the many mysteries in my family history that I have been “too busy” to explore in detail.

In the neighboring county of Fillmore in 1900 lived Charles and Eda Sanburg with their 18 year old son, Oscar. How I am not sure but in the next few years Nell had met Oscar and they were married on 07 March 1907. The 1910 US Census shows that Nell and Oscar lived on a Fillmore County farm with their infant son Lauren (my father). In 1920 they still lived in Fillmore County and had a second son, Gerald. By 1930 Oscar and Nell had moved to Clay County and were still farming. In 1940 they were living on a farm outside the small town of McCool Junction in York County and had lived there since March of 1934. They continued to live there and retired  in 1944.  On the 7th of March in 1957 they reached their 50th wedding anniversary and celebrated with a party on the 10th of March.

Oscar and Nell 50th Anniv

The party was attended by some 150 guests including both of Nell’s sons and their families and one of her sisters. Her younger sister Annie had died in 1955. Nell and Oscar both lived until 1965 when they died within a few months of each other.


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