52 Ancestors 52 Weeks – 6th Week Goesch Family Immigration

This post is in response to the challenge of posting about 52 ancestors in 52 weeks by Amy Johnson Crow

This post is about the immigration of my ancestral Goesch family to the USA in the late 1800’s. It is the family of my 2nd great grandfather Johann Carl Gustav Goesch and his wife Catharina Elisabeth Friederike Teetz. Johann was born March 26 1797 in Grammentin, Pommern, Prussia. Catharina was born November 22, 1814 in Leuschentin, Pommern, Prussia and they were married February 25, 1832 in Kummerow, Pommern, Prussia. These places are in a region now called Mecklenburg – Vorpommern in Germany. It’s difficult to research ancestors in foreign countries especially when you are not fluent in the language. Luckily I was able to be in touch with a wonderful and helpful genealogical blogger from Germany named Barbara Schmidt. Barbara is very familiar with the Mecklenburg – Vorpommern area and was extremely helpful in looking up some of the immigration details from German records. Please visit her blog, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, she blogs in both German and English (http://schmidtbarbara.wordpress.com/).

Between 1832 and 1851, Johann and Catharina (called Elisabeth) had eight children; seven boys and one girl. Two of the boys and the girl died within three years of their births while four of the other boys reached adulthood (I have very little besides a birth date and name for the youngest boy). Sadly Johann never made it to the USA because on June 1, 1851, less than a month before the birth of his youngest son, he died. But at least four of his five sons did emigrate to the USA and all settled in the central part of the United States.

At the time of Johann’s death, his oldest son Johann Carl Friedrich Christian (called Carl, my great grand uncle) was 18 years old and presumably still living at home. The other living children ranged in age from 13 downward. I’m sure Carl took over as head of house and remained that until he got married. Carl married Johanna Christina Henriette Sophia Kleversaat (called Sophia) on November 9, 1859 after she had their first child Minnie in May 1859. Altogether they had 8 children all born in Prussia except the last, Emma, who was born in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois in Oct, 1877. That sets the time frame for the Goesch emigration – sometime before 1877.

Barbara was able to find records from the Hamburg, Germany passenger lists for a Goesch family going from Hamburg to New York on the ship Wieland, leaving on April 26, 1876. I was able to find the corresponding record in the New York Passenger Lists for a Goesch family arriving from Hamburg on the ship Wieland on May 11, 1876.

Goesch Family Immigration   April 26, 1876 on the ship Wieland

Goesch Family Immigration May 11, 1876 on the ship Wieland

The family consisted of the following:

Carl, 34 , occupation saddler
Elisabeth, 62, female
Carl, 44, occupation cartwright
Johanne, 38, wife
Willhemine (Minnie), 15, child
Willhelm, 13, child                                                                                                                               Anna, 9, child
August, 7, child
Caroline, 6, child
Albert, 4, child

This accounts for six of seven children born in Prussia, the seventh having died about six months after birth. Carl (34) is probably living at home as head of the household although the youngest of Johann and Elisabeth’s children would be 25 years old. The first Carl (34) is Carl Friedrich August Wilhelm born in 1842 and later known as William, while the second is Johann Carl Friedrich Christian born in 1832 and later called Carl (Karl).

This provides records for two of Johann’s sons, both my great grand uncles. Barbara Schmidt was able to give me two more records from the Hamburg Passenger Lists which, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to match from US records. The first concerns a Friedrich Goes leaving on April 15, 1868 on the ship Germania from Hamburg to New York. It shows him born in Grammentin, Mecklenburg, age 30 (approx. 1838), occupation taylor. I believe this to be my great grand uncle Johann Ernst Ludwig Friedrich born June 7, 1837 in Grammentin.

The last record concerns who I believe to be my great grandfather Ernst. The record shows that Ernst Gosch age 20 born in Grammentin, Prussia left Hamburg on March 17, 1869 going to New York I believe this to be my great grandfather Ernst Friedrich Ferdinand born Sept 8, 1848 in Grammentin.

It appears that upon arriving in the USA all of my Goesch ancestors ended up first in Illinois for differing times and then some went to Minnesota and/or Nebraska. Most of them eventually ended up in Nebraska.

Year: 1876; Arrival: New York, New York; Microfilm Serial: M237; Microfilm Roll: 403; Line: 3; List Number: 387.Ancestry.com. New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957[database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010.
Staatsarchiv Hamburg; Hamburg, Deutschland; Hamburger Passagierlisten; Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 023 A; Page: 121; Microfilm No.: K_1714. Staatsarchiv Hamburg. Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934[database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2008.

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  1. Larry, you did a fantastic job getting all (or most of them) the loose ends together. And it was my pleasure to help you with looking up those records for you. I can’t wait to see what more you find out. btw. I created a g+ community for the research in Mecklenburg, if you would like to join https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105854951703002542478

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