Reverend William Walton Descendants


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  1. Dianne Dziubla says:

    Let me try this again. I am a descendent of Abraham Walton 3rd. He had a son, Thomas B. Walton who married Inez Condrey in Rochester, IN on 2/12/1883 and moved to Jennings County, IN. They had one son, Frank Walton who had a son, Fred (grandfather) and daughter, Elsie. A couple of times, Aunt Elsie asked her dad about his family and he had gotten very quiet. She knew to leave the subject of his family alone. One source says Thomas B. Walton ended up in Leavenworth County, KS. There was a newspaper article announcing his death but what was written was for the wrong Thomas Walton. I was wondering is you or anyone might have any knowledge of what really happed to him. It sounds like he did something that disgraced the family. Did he murder someone? What happened?

    • larrytom2 says:

      Dianne: I believe your Abraham was born in 1835 and died in 1906. If that’s right I don’t have anything on any of his children. I’d be happy to have whatever info you have on him and his offspring. Also, I’d be happy to see if any of my cousins (our cousins !) that I know are involved in family history have any info. Also, maybe I can help by looking up info if you’re not subscribed to some online databases. You can reach me by emailing me at larrytom2 at gmail dot com.

  2. Alicia Walton- Schultz says:

    I am a Walton. Reverend William Walton was my 11th great grandfather. His is my grandfather Warren J. Walton’s 9th Great Grandfather. My grandfather (living) is a direct descendant of William Walton and my mother gave me the Walton name when I was born instead of my fathers. Rev. William’s son, John, is my 10th Great grandfather. John’s son Edward Walton (sr) is my 9th great grandfather. Edward Walton senior’s son Edward Walton Jr. is my 8th great grandfather. Edward Walton Jr.’s son Edward Walton III is my 7th Great grandfather. Edward walton III son Richmond T Walton is my 6th Great grandfather. Richmond T Walton’s son Richmond T. Walton Jr. Is my 5th Great grandfather. Richmond T. Walton Jr.’s son John Nicholas walton is my 4th Great Grandfather. John Nicholas Walton’s son John Samuel Walton is my 3rd great grandfather. John Samuel Walton’s son William J. Walton is my 2nd great grandfather. William J. Walton’s son John Merritt Walton is my great grandfather. John M. Walton’s son Warren Walton is my grandfather. Warren Walton had my mother Marina. Then Marina had me, Alicia aged 27.

    • Bryce Walton says:

      I am a Walton. Reverend William Walton was my 8th Great Grandfather. Your 10th Great Grandfather John is the brother to my 7th Great Grandfather Samuel Walton and they are both sons of Reverend William Walton. I own a book of family history called” Links of Walton History” by Hattie Walton Heninger. Published approx. 1969. It only lists your 10th Great Grandfather John Walton but provides no further details. Do you have a web site you could share with me that covers details of his descendants who would all be long lost cousins of mine. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Debbie Lamb says:

    Love your family blog! I’m interested in knowing if you ever ran across an Euphratus Walton born abt 1792 in NY or Canada. He married Mary Ann Hoagland in jefferson co., Indiana. Found census in 1850 with a family and also 1860. I assume he dies before 1870 where Mary lives with the children. I’m stuck finding who he belongs to- hope you can answer any questions on him. He lived in Lancaster, Jefferson, Indiana. My new email Is: Thank you for your time. Maybe a relative, Debbie

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